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The history of the scottish fold and how to care for it

The history of the Scottish fold cat begins with a Scottish cat named Susie, this cat has white fur and has folded ears.

In 1961 Susie was discovered on the Perthshire Scotland farm. When finding a cat named Susie was pregnant, who then gave birth to children who were funny with the shape of ears folded.

After that, one of Susie’s children was adopted by someone named Mary, who was a neighbor of the farmer who owns Susie.

At first, this cat was called the Floopy ears, but in 1966 the name changed to a Scottish fold. In 1966 Mary and her husband registered a Scottish fold with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

Mary and her husband try to breed Scottish cats with the help of a geneticist. Then was born 76 Scottish cats where 42 of them have folded ears.

While the rest have a tapered ear shape, thus it is evident that the Scottish cat has a dominant ear fold gene.

But in 1971 GCCF removed the Scottish cat from the list, arguing that this cat did not yet have a stable gene.

Then the Scottish cat is exported to the United States for further breeding there. This cat is crossed with a short-breed cat so that he has a stable gene.

The characteristics of Scottish Fold

Harga Kucing Scottish Fold lucu

From the shape of his head

This cat’s head shape has its characteristics and to recognize it is quite easy. The shape of this cat’s head is round with the ears folded down. So you can say the shape of the face is getting rounder.

The shape of the eyes of this cat is also very interesting. His eyes look wide and wide open.


Scottish fold cat fur

Color Patterns of Scottish Fold Cats generally depend on the breed. The Scottish fold cat is medium and not too thick.

For color on the Scottish fold cat fur usually like Black, White, Brown, Cameo, Beige, Blue. Now for the color patterns can be as follows Tabby, Tricolor, Bicolor, Smoke, Shaded, Solid, Spots.


Tail shape

The standard form for this Scottish fold is to have a tail with medium feathers or arguably adjusts to body hair.

Body posture

Medium-sized body and even if you see it must look round huh. Well generally for Scottish fold stud cats weighing between 4-6 kg. Whereas in females, it weighs between 2.7-4 kg. This cat’s legs are medium or short.


The nature of Scottish Fold

ciri ciri kucing Scottish Fold
  • Merciful

One of the prominent Scottish fold traits is the nature of the lover, he also includes a cat that is friendly, caring, and of course very fond of its owner.

He likes to be given attention and affection by the owner, if you give attention and affection to your pet Scottish, he will reciprocate twice.


  • Easy to get along

Scottish cats are also a type of cat that does not matter if he has to live with other types of cats in the same place.

For example, if you keep a Scottish cat at the same time as other breeds, then you are not worried that he will be jealous of other cats that also live in the same house.


  • Active

The Scottish cat likes to play outdoors, he also does not like having to keep crouching indoors.

This breed cat is an active type of cat and likes to move. If he plays outdoors then he can more freely move to and fro.


Scottish cats are considered as cats that have high intelligence compared to other breeds of cat.

The uniqueness of Scottish Fold

cara merawat kucing Scottish Fold

Now if you talk about this cat is not complete if you do not know the uniqueness of this cat. So what about the characteristics of this Scottish fold cat. Here are some of the characteristics and uniqueness of the Scottish fold.


This cat has a friendly and calm nature and is also easy to adapt to other types of cats in a house.

Scottish is a type of cat that is smart and very happy to be invited to play, this cat when he was an adult likes to be outside the house and would rather play outside the house than inside the house.

Scottish does not like it if he is lonely, even if the cat is in a quiet place so he will be depressed and stressed. Recommendations still find a cat friend if you travel a lot.

The distinctive feature of this Scottish fold is sleeping on its back, and another unique feature is its meek sound which is very gentle.

The tone and sound of snoring during sleep are also different from other cats.

Common Scottish fold behavior is that he sits very often with his back legs on his back, while the front legs are on their stomachs. This position is often called the Buddha position.

How to Care for Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Cat Care is not complicated. Even so, you also have to be smart on how to take care of the Scottish fold cat. Do not be careless in providing food and body care.

  1. Give him love

Maintaining a purebred cat is not just about eating and drinking, but a purebred cat should also be given affection. Oh yeah, this cat doesn’t like being lonely, friends, so if you want to take care of it at least you also have cat friends at home.

Well, a Scottish cat is a type of cat that has a merciful nature, so you have to give him more attention and affection.


  1. Give food

Make sure you give the cat Scottish folding food and drink that is appropriate for its age. There are many types of small food specifically for kittens and adult cats. Don’t get confused.


  1. Grooming and vaccinating

The appearance of the cat that is funny and stunning should be balanced with grooming care so that the cat’s hair is maintained. And don’t forget to always check your cat’s health and administer vaccines so that your cat’s health is maintained.

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